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Sarah’s Key: No Escape from the Holocaust

Sarah’s Key opens in 1942, with a young girl hiding her little brother in a concealed closet to protect him from French authorities rounding up Jewish citizens in their Paris neighborhood. Sarah locks Michel in, with a child-like belief that … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games: Will the movies do justice to Katniss?

I just saw a Hunger Games preview on TV last night, and my question is: why is Katniss giving her sister Prim the mockingjay pin? Is the movie just getting rid of the character of Madge,  the fellow District 12 … Continue reading

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My Oscar Hangover

This is not a recap or criticism of anyone in particular (except maybe for Angelina), just my lingering impressions of the Oscar ceremony: Some Like it Wilder! The peerless filmmaker Billy Wilder (Some Like it Hot, Sunset Boulevard, and many … Continue reading

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The Help: A White Girl Feels Black Women’s Pain

The poster satirizing The Help on the website effectively sums up my reasons for not wanting to read this book or watch the movie: “White people solve racism. You’re welcome, black people.” I wasn’t interested in watching yet another … Continue reading

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The Artist: Silently Singin’ in the Rain

Oscar favorites usually underwhelm me (I’m looking at you, The King’s Speech!), but The Artist is a delightful exception. It’s a beautiful silent picture, an examination of the transition from silent films to talkies, and an exploration of the experience … Continue reading

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Vote today for Pop Goddess on Slate!

I submitted a suggestion to Slate’s crowdsourcing project about how to improve the Oscar ceremony. Click on the link below to see it, vote for it, and forward it to other pop culture-savvy friends: Voting closes on Wednesday, February … Continue reading

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Take Shelter: Where’s the Oscar, Michael Shannon edition

*SPOILER ALERT* Take Shelter is a harrowing examination of the multiple layers of anxiety plaguing Curtis, an average working class man in a small-town America. Curtis suffers from unnervingly realistic nightmares, in which apocalyptic storms threaten him, his own dog … Continue reading

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Melancholia: Where’s Kirsten Dunst’s Oscar?

*SPOILER ALERT* Melancholia tells the story of Justine, a young woman crushed by crippling depression, as a microcosm of the earth being destroyed by a collision with the planet Melancholia. In the first half of the film, Justine unravels under … Continue reading

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Safe House: The Denzel Identity

Safe House starts with an intriguing, Bourne-like premise, then unfortunately devolves into a demolition derby of boring car chases and mindless killing. Now don’t get me wrong: I enjoy a good car chase, one that exhilarates you with surprising staging … Continue reading

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Luck by Chance: Through the Bollywood Looking-Glass

Luck by Chance, the debut film by writer-director Zoya Akhtar, is a behind-the-scenes look at the Hindi film industry, complete with divas of yesteryear, self-serving producers, reigning superstars, and struggling newcomers. The movie’s strength lies in its careful observations of … Continue reading

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