Ms. Marvel rewatch continued

  • Episode 3 starts strong with Aamir’s wedding, especially the lovely conversation between Abbu and Aamir. It loses steam once it shifts from family celebration to fight with the Clandestines, though. The fight isn’t very well-staged, but I guess one related advantage is it’s not too intense for my kiddo to watch J
  • The Karachi airport arrival scene reminds me of my grandmother greeting us at the airport with flower garlands. It’s such a specific immigrant experience, and it’s bittersweet because at some point, those elders aren’t there to greet us anymore.
  • The Aisha-Hassan flashback is a lush, gorgeous sequence, like a mini Hindi film.
  • My bestie will tell you that I’ve come to hate time travel in movies/tv as a lazy cop-out. So when Kamala goes back to the 1947 train station, my brain boggled a bit: so there are two bangles in this moment? I get that it’s the same bangle, but basically baby Sana is holding it and Kamala is also wearing it because grandma Sana sends to her in the future. Doesn’t that cause some sort of timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly paradox?
  • There’s something Proustian about face-offs in a high school setting (probably all those years of watching Buffy) so it’s really satisfying (if a bit forced with Zoe and Aamir) when the team comes together at Kamala’s high school to protect Kamran from Damage Control. I love the goofiness and humor and camaraderie of the sequence.
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