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Assignment – Paris: Why have I never heard of this movie?

I mean, Dana Andrews and George Sanders? In a post-WWII cold war intrigue-y thing?? This is my catnip. Probably a Columbia Pictures B-movie cast-off, I thought, when it popped up in the TCM app, with nary a host intro or … Continue reading

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Watchmen ep 6: Nostalgia

Watchmen ep 6, Nostalgia, is one of the best episodes of television I’ve watched this year, quite possibly ever. It’s specific about Will Reeve’s personal trauma and also clear-eyed about the national, generational trauma that white supremacy inflicts on our … Continue reading

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Before We Go: Before Sunrise with Captain America

So apparently what Captain America really wants to do is direct. Sadly, his directorial debut is less than marvelous (*groan*). To be fair, I don’t think Chris Evans’ direction is actually the problem with Before We Go, starring Evans and … Continue reading

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Reflections on Madonna and Child at the Met

At the Met today, I was moved in a new way by depictions of Mary and Jesus, especially those of Mary mourning Jesus’ death. The paintings and sculptures of Mary holding and cradling the baby Jesus made me think of … Continue reading

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Playing House: Your perfect summer treat

I’m loving Playing House right now, mostly because the two main characters, Emma and Maggie, remind me of my best friend Ashley and myself. They’re played by the creators of the show, Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair. The two … Continue reading

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I finally watched Fruitvale Station, and you should, too

Hi folks, Pop Goddess is back after a 2-year hiatus! My husband and I now have a 1 ½ -year-old baby boy, so that means all the movies I watch have to be on-demand on TV, and I’m a lot … Continue reading

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Justified, ep. 9: Hatchet Tour

Hi folks! Check out my recap of last week’s episode of Justified on the Charter Cable Deals blog: Justified, ep. 9: Hatchet Tour Enjoy!

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Justified, ep. 8: “Outlaw”

Hey y’all, check out my recap of this week’s episode of Justified: Justified, ep. 8: Outlaw Enjoy, and happy weekend!

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