Singin’ in the Rain: Watch it in theaters on July 12!

Seriously, buy your tickets now to watch this glorious musical in theaters next week at a special 60th anniversary screening, courtesy of Turner Classic Movies:

If you’ve never seen Singin’ in the Rain before: lucky you, watching it for the first time on the big screen! And if you’ve already watched the film: trust me, it gets funnier and more delightful every time. Even though it’s tough to drag your eyes away from Gene Kelly any time he’s dancing onscreen, try to pay special attention to Donald O’ Connor this time around.  His comic timing and delivery are impeccable, and his loose-limbed elasticity complements Kelly’s virile athleticism perfectly. I actually think O’Connor has better chemistry with Debbie Reynolds than Gene Kelly does; I have an alternate version of the movie in my head, in which Kathy and Cosmo are the romantic pair, instead of Kathy and Don.

It’s nearly impossible for me to answer the question, “What’s your favorite movie?” But for sheer joy on celluloid, Singin’ in the Rain is at the very top of my list. So go experience it for yourself:

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