The Good Wife, ep. 14: Red Team, Blue Team

Hi folks! Check out my recap of this week’s episode of The Good Wife:

Ep. 14: Red Team, Blue Team


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3 Responses to The Good Wife, ep. 14: Red Team, Blue Team

  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    Oh, that kiss was so hackneyed. The moment the argument heated up I knew it was coming. There is also that both were genuinely upset (and both legitimately so). Didn’t buy it. Are they contrasting Alica’s “bad” behavior with Peter’s “good”?

    I just adore Elsbeth!

    I felt bad for Cary. His earnest proposal… I don’t have a good read on him. When I started watching (circa season two) I lumped him in with the enemies, but he seems to be a friend. He just has this…. style that’s… odd.

    • popgoddess says:

      Right?! It didn’t feel organic or connected to how the characters had been interacting with each other recently. Very cliched, which is surprising for this show.

      Cary started out adversarial, but he has shown surprising decency and depth over the years. Yeah, he was so excited, like a little kid, about the idea of Florrick Agos & Associates! Alicia’s lip service to changing the system from the inside, and Cary playing along with her empty promise, was quite sad.

      It’s hilarious that now we have a male version of Elsbeth in Kyle MacLachlan’s Josh Perotti, though I don’t think she’s unethical like he is.

      • Wyrd Smythe says:

        Yeah, two sides of one coin, but Elsbeth is definitely the shinier side! I think she’s maybe just a better, smarter lawyer, too.

        Will Cary understand Alicia’s actions, or will it turn him against her in some way? That’s my concern.

        I always wonder about script stumbles like that (kiss). NCIS, usually very good, has twice this season done sequences that seemed just plain stupid. Both involved tactical field operations, and either I’m incredibly ignorant about that sort of thing, or they need a tactical operations adviser… which you’d think they’d have, so I’m really puzzled.

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