The Good Wife, ep. 15: Going for the Gold

Hello folks! Check out my recap of this week’s episode of The Good Wife on the Comcast Offers blog:

The Good Wife, ep. 15: Going for the Gold


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2 Responses to The Good Wife, ep. 15: Going for the Gold

  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    I was delighted by Eli’s victory, both in court and over Jordan. And kudos to Jackie on the stand. Loved that, too!

    I’m really wondering where they plan to take Alicia. She seems on the brink of becoming “corrupt” (for some fairly mild definition of “corrupt”) as she progresses into management and partnership. And while I wonder about Cary, I think I got a whiff of, “he understands and maybe even grudgingly respects.” Time will tell!

    • popgoddess says:

      Yeah, Alicia seems to be fairly well co-opted by this point. I guess a $10k (!) office-decorating budget will do that. And Cary seems to have figured out that the best thing for him professionally is to be a good team player, because he was very helpful to Alicia in the most recent episode.

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