Weekly recap: The Good Wife

Hi all – get ready for tonight’s episode of The Good Wife with my recap of the April 14 episode:

The Good Wife, ep. 20: Rape – A Modern Perspective

Couple things – they (the producers? showrunners?) changed the title of this episode from “Sex Dolls and Videotape,” which I thought was actually connected more specifically to the story. Maybe they felt it was too flippant for the subject.

Also, can we PLEASE move The Good Wife to a night when we don’t have to sit/fast-forward through an hour of The Amazing Race just to watch it?? It’s getting SO OLD. And then we have to put up with the annoying time-delay alerts popping up at the bottom of the screen throughout the episode. I was surprised to read a couple weeks ago that The Good Wife‘s ratings are actually rather low and that there was some question about whether it would be renewed for next season (it was). It might help if it actually aired at its scheduled time.

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1 Response to Weekly recap: The Good Wife

  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    “She has what looks like panic attacks a couple times in this episode, hyper-ventilating and shivering. I really hope it’s not about her continued feelings for Will, because, frankly, that would be boring. It looks like it’s more about what she’s doing with her life,”

    I was pretty certain while watching that they were exactly over Will. The next episode seems to prove that, although it also shows that some of it could be due to Cary. To my eye, it did seem more about Will at the time. She’d just firmly broken it off and now was being hit with all these feelings she couldn’t deny or push down.

    One thing this show sure does is present some intriguing and challenging choice points!

    And you know,… I’m still trying to fathom Kalinda (who, in some regards, is my favorite character).

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