The Good Wife season finale recap

Hi folks – as promised, here’s my recap of The Good Wife’s season 4 finale, “What’s in the Box?”

I thought it was a solid episode. I especially loved the scene between Peter and Will – a good example of the show’s economical writing, which counts on the viewer to remember the history between the characters without a lot of exposition. And I have to say, I’m glad it was Cary at Alicia’s door, not Will. Let me know what you think of the episode and of season 4 overall (Nick makes threatening scrambled eggs! Nathan Lane plays a surprisingly soulful accountant!) in the comments section below.

Episode 22: What’s in the Box?

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3 Responses to The Good Wife season finale recap

  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    I have to brag: I figured out it wasn’t Will at the door before she opened it (although admittedly only by a few seconds). And, yeah, I was relieved, too. I wasn’t entirely sure if Diane’s knocking on the car hood was just to move them along or as a reprimand for the kissing, but the knocking was so sharp I’m leaning towards reprimand. It’s what Alicia said in the car that disturbs me. I don’t think this is over.

    I’m guessing Diane gives up the judgeship due to Will. I’m guessing the show follows Lockhart, Gardner and the new Florrick, Argos firm. Kalinda stays; Robyn goes (to the new firm).

    And Peter…. I also noticed the ambiguity of the Will/Peter scene. Did Peter know? Did he, upon hearing about it for the first time, immediately know what happened and who was behind it? Is he covering up in front of Will?

    I think they continue to use the love triangle as a plot point. Perhaps they even draw inverse arcs: Peter becoming more moral in contrast to Alicia becoming less so? I feel like I’ve noticed that contrast already. I’m believing in Peter’s honesty (and bothered by this campaign business) all while sadly seem to be watching Alicia change into something…. well, certainly less idealism based.

    • popgoddess says:

      I was totally expecting Will and was kind of upset with Alicia about it, because it feels like she’s stringing Peter along now. Yes, it does feel like the tide is turning in terms of who is the “good” spouse.

      Diane’s banging on the hood certainly sounded annoyed to me, if that’s possible! It reminded me of the moment earlier this season (or was it last season?) when she bluntly told Will to keep it in his pants.

      I’m curious to see if Florrick, Agos will manage to have a healthier culture, or if the bloated partner culture is inevitable. They really seemed to be driving that home with Lockhart Gardner by the end of the season. I’m interested in how Alicia will continue her idealism v. realism journey, too.

      So I guess we should be ready to see Alicia arguing against Will (and maybe Diane, if she stays) next season. That could be fun. Even though it probably means we’ll see less of her, I sort of hope Diane does get the judgeship; how awesome would Justice Diane be?!!

      • Wyrd Smythe says:

        Exactly. Diane told Will to drop Alicia, and then she sees them (we think) kissing in the car. She didn’t say anything later, and I don’t recall any reaction shot of her glaring at Will, so I’m not sure if she saw them or not.

        Hadn’t thought about the idea of the two firms going head to head in court! Fun!!

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