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BBC America Smorgasbord

Hi all – check out my recent post about my BBC America faves on the Charter Cable Deals blog: http://www.chartercabledeals.com/blog/popgoddess-top-5-bbc-america-shows/ I’ve written about a couple of the shows, like Doctor Who and The Fades, on this site previously.  Also, I … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: But I don’t want David Tennant to go!

I watched the season 4 finale “The End of Time” last weekend, and I’m still mourning David Tennant’s departure.  It’s been difficult to enjoy the few Matt Smith episodes I’ve watched since then because there’s so much to process in … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: season 3 status report

Even though my husband Chris and I are watching as many episodes a day as his schedule will allow, almost to the exclusion of all other shows and movies, I would say I’m hooked, entertained, impressed, but still short of … Continue reading

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Yes, Ashley, I’m finally watching Doctor Who!

Much to my friend Ashley’s delight, I finally started watching Doctor Who. I should say re-started:  I’d watched the first two Christopher Eccleston episodes when they first aired, but, since I wasn’t already a fan of the original show, I … Continue reading

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